Custom Stamps we have for your Leather Rifle or Shotgun sling

Custom Stamps we have for your Leather Rifle or Shotgun sling

Posted by Ozark Mountain Leather on Jan 1st 2023

last updated 5/11/2023

One of the best things about buying an Ozark Mountain Custom Leather rifle sling or leather shotgun sling is not are they only completely handmade here in the USA, but you can build your own with all the customizable options. Check out the build your own rifle sling here.

You can personalize the sling with many options, including leather color, hardware color, thread color, 5 font choices, and over 120 custom stamp options. One of the most popular things our customers enjoy doing is picking out custom stamps to help personalize their rifle or shotgun slings.

We currently have 148 custom stamps, and our inventory keeps growing. Our stamps range from scriptures to military emblems. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us to see if we have what you are looking for or if we can get it made for you.

Custom stamps that we do not already have may include a unique slogan, scripture, emblem, symbol, or logo; in most cases, we can get it made for you for a small one time fee. Feel free to contact us to discuss.

We have taken photos of all the stamps we currently have in stock and tried to label them so you can see them here. Please check the last day updated at the bottom of this post, and we will try to keep this up to date for you and our future customers.  We tried to get it in alphabetical order or as close as possible without having to redo all our older graphics.  The list does run from A to Z. 

Again, feel free to contact us to see if we have what you want or if we can get it made for you.

We look forward to making the next custom and personalized rifle sling and shotgun sling just for you.

Our custom "Build Your Own Rifle Slings"  and "Build Your Own Shotgun Slings"  make great one of a kind gifts.

Last updated 5/11/2023.

Here is a current list here as of 5/11/2023


  1. Bear Paws/footprints Set of 4
  2. Bear Walking
  3. Bird Dog
  4. Bison Standing
  5. Bison head forward facing
  6. Bull Dog Head
  7. Butterfly
  8. Chickens
  9. Cougar/Mountain lion Standing
  10. Cougar/Mountain lion Head only
  11. Coyote Howling
  12. Deer Head
  13. Deer Hooves/footprints set of 4
  14. Deer skull with rifles crossed
  15. Dove Flying
  16. Duck footprints set of 4
  17. Eagle head
  18. Eagle Flying
  19. Elephant Standing
  20. Elk Standing
  21. Fish Jumping
  22. Flying bee
  23. Flying Pheasant
  24. Goose/duck Flying
  25. Goose/duck Standing
  26. Goose/duck Swimming
  27. Lion head with mane
  28. Lion Standing
  29. Jumping Buck
  30. Longhorn
  31. Owl
  32. Paw Print Dog/Wolf
  33. Polish Falcon
  34. Raccoon
  35. Rams Head
  36. Wolf Face
  37. Wolf howling
  38. Wild Hog Standing
  39. Turkey
  40. Turkey Footprints set of 4
  41. T-Rex Dinosaur
  42. Skull deer horns
  43. Snake coiled
  44. Squirrel
  45. Sheep Standing
  46. Running horse
  47. Running Arkansas Razorback
  48. Rooster Standing


  1. US Air Force
  2. US Army
  3. US Marines - Eagle/Globe/Anchor
  4. US Navy Anchor
  5. US Navy Submarine Dolphin
  6. US Coast Guard
  7. USN Anchor Master Chief 2 stars
  8. 2nd Battalion Ranger
  9. 15th Aerospace Medicine Squad
  10. US Marine Crop Explosive Ordnance Disposal Master Badge
  11. US Marine Crop Explosive Ordnance Disposal Senior Badge
  12. Army Chaplain Corp Seal
  13. "Defensor Fortis" Air Force Security Forces
  14. Parachutist badge
  15. Fire Department Crest
  16. Medical Symbol/Staff of Asclepius (single snake)
  17. New Mexico State Police Badge
  18. Sheriff 5 point star


  1. Arkansas state outline
  2. Alabama State Outline
  3. Japan Country Outline
  4. Maryland State outline
  5. Michigan State Outline
  6. Texas state outline
  7. Canadian Flag
  8. American flag
  9. Mississippi


  1. Celtic Cross
  2. Christian Fish Symbol
  3. Cross Traditional
  4. Cross made out of nails
  5. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
  6. Genesis 27:3
  7. Genesis 1:1
  8. Isaiah 41:10
  9. Isaiah 40:31
  10. Job 12:10
  11. John 3:16
  12. John 14:6
  13. Mark 11:22
  14. Matthew 5:16
  15. Philippians 4:13
  16. Proverbs 27:17
  17. Proverbs 3:5
  18. Psalm 42:1
  19. Serenity Prayer
  20. Praying Hands
  21. Romans 10:9
  22. "Go Afield" Quote
  23. Stag Quote
  24. Ephesians 5:25
  25. Psalm 103:1

Auto/Boat related

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Semi-Truck
  3. Train
  4. Anchor
  5. Ships Wheel
  6. Wings "LIVE TO RIDE"


  1. "America" Flag with Eagle Head
  2. American Flag
  3. Freemasons Traditional Square & Compass
  4. "USA" Stamp
  5. Eagle Scout emblem

Firearm related

  1. Bullets side by side
  2. pistols crossed
  3. Deer skull with rifles crossed
  4. Rifles crossed

Floral/Outdoor scene

  1. Daisy/sunflower flower
  2. Lily flower
  3. Rose flower
  4. Rose with leaves
  5. Log cabin
  6. Mountain Range
  7. Pine Trees Grouping of 4
  8. Hemp Leaf
  9. Four Leaf Clover
  10. Single Feather


  1. Football
  2. Baseball/softball
  3. Yin &Yang Taekwondo
  4. Cowboy Hat


  1. ALS Ribbon
  2. Anglo Saxon Mask
  3. Arrowhead
  4. Broken Heart with wings
  5. "Camp" with Tipi over it
  6. Cancer Ribbon
  7. Dollar Sign Symbol $
  8. Fleur De Lis Symbol
  9. Hashtag Symbol #
  10. Heart with Lace
  11. Indian profile with Headdress
  12. Love - "V" shaped like heart
  13. Confederate Flag
  14. Skull and Crossbones
  15. Whisky Jug XXX

We love what we do and would love to make you a custom leather rifle sling or custom leather shotgun sling today.  Quantity discounts available. These make great gifts for weddings, groomsmen, hunting buddies, family and friends.