New Bible and book covers coming to the online store

New Bible and book covers coming to the online store

Posted by Ozark Mountain Leather on Mar 1st 2018

One of our most popular items is our Bible covers.  We sell lots of them for the fact that each one is made just for your book and they are made from high quality leathers.

We get lots of request for custom covers with names and custom stamps but the Bison leather we normally use does not hold a stamp unless we brand it on the leather.  Unfortunately, we can not make branding affordable to our customers because the price point for each iron we would need to get made would cost more than the cover itself.  Remember, we are small family owned leather business so our resources are slightly limited.

We have two new designs coming to the store that are made of vegetable tanned leather.  This leather can be tooled and our more economical stamps will work to customize the cover.  We have dozens of stamps already but for an added fee (starts at $45 and up and depends on size) we can get you a custom stamp made of your logo or whatever else you may need.   Remember, we only charge you one time for the custom stamp and after that we can use the stamp on any other project you need as long as the stamp fits the project.

What we need from you is a good traceable black and white image of your logo in vector format and sometimes a JPEG image will work but not always.

We are excited to offer this new cover and hope that it meets many of our clients needs and expectations.

NOTE:  We can still brand the Bison leather if that is what you are wanting but the cost of the custom branding iron starts at $100 and is based on size.  It can also be used on other projects and no extra charge after the first fee as long as the size fits the item you are wanting it placed on.