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We are currently shipping custom orders in about 14 to 16 business days. We operate Monday - Friday.  All orders placed on or prior to January 11th have been shipped.  All packages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and due to Covid-19 the mail is running slower than normal.  Please be patient and thank you for making 2020 a great year!
Custom Leather Knife sheaths

Custom Leather Knife sheaths

Posted by Ozark Mountain Leather on May 3rd 2018

At Ozark Mountain Leather we love custom orders. One of the items we get a lot of request for are Knife sheaths. We have made very many knife sheaths for lots of different styles of knives.
Some knives are handmade and some are not. If you need a knife sheath or multiple knife sheaths please don't hesitate to contact us today. We would love to help you with creating your perfect sheath for your desired use today.
Custom Knife sheath